We are specialists in the manufacture of tooling and dies for hot and cold forging, in specific applications of forming or forging for automatic machines HATEBUR | SACMA | NATIONAL | SAMAKURA JUMBO FORMER among others.

We also carry out machining to drawing. You can make your enquiryhere



We make single parts and small series for specific projects and different sectors of activity: automotive, aeronautics, machine tools, railways, food, etc.

We have Mazak 5-axis directional turning centres, assisted by CAD-CAM programming, to machine different complex shapes with maximum precision in a single assembly, providing greater productivity and reducing costs and execution times.

We work with special steels, sintered, hardened, stainless steel, as well as aluminium, bronze, kevlar or other materials and composites, etc.



This is the technology of creating a digital model in a solid three-dimensional object. Through the arrangement or solidification of material, layer by layer. This manufacturing involves different technologies and a wide range of different materials.

Elursa can manufacture polymeric slabs using two different technologies. On the one hand, FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication), with the Markforged Two printer, which can create high performance ONYX or Nylon polymeric parts. These can be reinforced with continuous fibres such as carbon fibre, Kevlar®, glass fibre and HSHT glass fibre.

On the other hand, prototypes can be produced using SLA (Stereolithography) technology, using Formlabs’ Form 3 printer. Highly detailed prints and diverse applications, with a wide range of materials.

Diverse application areas, such as prototypes, final parts for continuous use, injection moulds, spare parts and many more utilities that you can imagine. Functional parts with mechanical characteristics similar to aluminium can be achieved.